Why Cavendish Online?

Cavendish Online provides a cost effective, quick and efficient "execution only" service. So, if you know exactly what you want - you can take advantage of our discounts and make considerable savings.

Life Assurance

Cavendish Online is committed to providing customers with the cheapest route to buy life assurance. To allow you to choose the best option for you we provide three methods of applying:

Fee Based – We charge a one-off fee of just £25. 100% of the commission that we receive is reinvested in your policy to provide the lowest possible premium. This is your cheapest route to buy life assurance. You will need to carry out a quote online, choose which policy you'd like to take out and apply.

Commission Based (No fee) – We DO NOT charge a fee but retain a fraction of the commission; we reinvest the remainder into your policy. This route will provide a very competitive premium and in some cases the cheapest route to buy life assurance. It also means you do not have to pay Cavendish Online any fees. When you carry out an online quote you will see prices for Fee Based and Commission Based.

Getting Advice - If you're not sure what type of cover you need, how much cover you need or how long for then you may want to speak to an adviser and apply with them over the phone. They will also be able to advise on which providers are better / cheaper if you have certain medical conditions or a hazardous occupation for example. Our advisers still sacrifice a large percentage of the commission and therefore no fee is payable. This route is still cheaper than going to any comparison website.

If you need advice then please call us on 03456 44 25 40 or request a call.

Please visit our Life Assurance section for more details or get an instant quote


Cavendish Online has created a fund supermarket providing the cheapest route to buy a stocks & shares ISA. All new investments to the Cavendish Online FundSupermarket (powered by FundsNetwork™) will have THREE explicit charges applied:

1. A fund manager charge
This charge will vary according to the fund you wish to buy. Please click here to identify a specific fund charge.

2. A platform charge of 0.20% 
Reduced to 0.15% on the entire balance if you have more than £200,000 in your ISA, Investment (*) or Pension accounts. 

3. A Cavendish Online Ongoing fee of 0.05%

* Please click here for more information on how a Sole or Joint Investment account affects the reduced platform charge.

 Please visit our Investments section for more details.

FundSupermarket Pension

Cavendish Online have created a pension powered by FundsNetwork. We are able to offer one of the lowest cost pensions in the market with an annual fee of just 0.25%.

You have access to over 3,000 funds on the FundSupermarket and only pay the fund charge and the annual fee of 0.25% (made up of a 0.20% platform fee to FundsNetwork and a 0.05% ongoing fee to Cavendish Online). This reduces to 0.15% on the entire balance if you have more than £200,000 in your ISA, Investment (*) or Pension accounts. 

Please visit our Pensions section for more details.


Stakeholder & Personal Pensions

No matter how much you put in your stakeholder or personal pension, you will be better off using Cavendish Online as we reduce the charges applied to your pension plan.

We only charge a one-off £35 fee to set up your new pension and we take 0% commission from the pension provider. This reduces your Annual Management Charge (AMC) for the life of the plan. This in turn will significantly increase the value of your pension fund at retirement - See Examples. If you already have a pension we can arrange to transfer it into a new plan to lower your charges.

Please visit our Pensions section for more details.

How can we offer these discounts?

For the privilege of knowing what you want, we will give you the maximum discount. Whereas other advisers take all or a proportion of the commission, we will not take any of the commission. We only charge a small, fixed fee for processing your application for any policy you arrange through us.

We keep our costs to a minimum because all communication is via email and the post. We are not providing advice and therefore, by streamlining our administration, we can keep our costs down to a minimum. You get the benefit of purchasing what you need and want at the lowest cost in the UK.

Need Advice?

If you do not know what you need or if you are unsure about what product will meet your requirements, then we recommend talking to an independent financial adviser.

For life assurance, we now provide an advice service. Please call us on 03456 44 25 40 for more information.