Customer feedback

I have several policies through Cavendish Online (life insurance and pensions) all of which I think are fantastic.  I have just had a broker call me to try to match my current life insurance quote.  He simply won’t believe my policy and what I am paying for it.  I can’t thank Cavendish enough for being there and offering such a good service. Your service is second to none. Well done
Robert Rosenberg, Middlesex

We bought two income protection policies through Cavendish Online. Over the lifetime of the policies the saving was around £800 compared to the same policy bought through an advisor who was paid commission. Cavendish Online's service couldn't have been better - clear online quoting process, and an efficient follow up to process the forms.
Edward Pugh, Berkshire

 For many years, I had been dutifully paying a commission of 1.5% to a broker.  When I found out about Cavendish Online, I filled out a simple application form and moved my pension to a new but identical policy with the same pension provider.  Now I pay no commission to the broker whatsoever.  The fees for Cavendish were ridiculously low.  I just can't understand why anyone would put up with the old-fashioned business model.  This is such a quick and easy way of saving a huge sum of money that I just can't understand why everyone doesn't do it immediately.  Cavendish has been great throughout and has saved me a fortune!
Paul James, London

Case studies

If you have used Cavendish Online to buy either Life Assurance, a Pension or an Investment product and would like to be one of our case studies then please send an email to

Please include details of the product you bought, the service you received and the savings you made etc. If your case study is published then we will send you some M&S Vouchers as a thank you. Please also recommend Cavendish Online to your friends and family.