How to use our Fund Research tool

You can choose by PROVIDER, SECTOR or MANAGER.

You will then see a list of available funds to choose from.

With over 3,500 funds available there are a lot of options but you can use the tool to look at various parameters to help make the decision. These include the fund summary (a brief description outlining the aims and structure of the fund), the category and sector, management style (active or passive) as well as the total expense ratio (how much the fund manager is charging you to run the fund).

There are also 'PERFORMANCE' and 'DIVIDEND HISTORY' tabs which shows how well the fund has performed as well as a 'FUND BREAKDOWN' tab which shows the top 10 holdings within the fund.

Please visit the Fund Research page to use the tool.

How to use our model portfolios

We offer 12 different model portfolios based on your risk level and the type of funds that you may want to invest in. Please do be aware that as we offer an execution-only investment service we are not advising you to invest in the model portfolios or the underlying funds, that decision will be yours to make.

Step 1. Select the MODEL PORTFOLIOS tab 

FundResearchimagesThis is located on the Fund Research page.

Step 2. Choose a Risk Level

FundResearchimages2Choose between 3 Risk Levels - Low, Medium or High.

Step 3. Choose a fund type*


There are 4 Fund types within the model portfolio tool:

Ethical funds:
Also known as sustainable, socially conscious or "green", these funds seek to consider both financial return and social/environmental good to bring about a positive change

Income funds:
These funds will target the generation of income over capital appreciation.

Growth funds:
These funds will target capital appreciation over the generation of income.

Tracker funds:
Funds that aim to track the performance of an index. Because there is no active management of the fund, ie it is attempting to track rather than to outperform the index, the fund charges will be that much lower than actively managed funds.

Step 4. Review the funds

You’ll then be shown a list of funds and the recommended percentages. You can click on View Details to see more information about each fund:



Step 5. Choose and apply for your funds

It is completely up to you to decide which fund(s) to invest in as the model portfolios are merely suggestions as to how you could construct your portfolio. You could choose to invest in the suggested funds, you could pick different funds from more than one model portfolio or add in your own favourite funds, the decision is all yours.

To proceed you will then need to then make a note of your chosen funds and the amount you’d like to invest in each fund. We would suggest that you open a second window in your web browser so that you can easily flick between the model portfolios and your account. If you click on View Details for each fund you will see both a SEDOL code and an ISIN, if you copy either of these codes you can then use them when you are adding the funds to your account, this will save you having to type in the fund name and avoid the risk of selecting the wrong fund.

Go to model portfolios 

If you have any issues when applying or have any questions about the funds available then please give us a call

03456 44 25 44



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