Common Life Assurance Queries

How do I pay my fee?

To pay our fee please click here

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Can I complete the application over the phone?

You will be able to get Life Assurance quotes and apply over the phone on both an advised and non-advised basis by calling us on 03456 44 25 40

Will my premium increase?

In some cases the life companies may decide to increase your premium due to certain conditions. For more information on this please visit our Underwriting & Medical Information section.

How long will it take to get cover in place?

If the Insurer does not need any further information once you’ve applied (i.e. from your GP), you will be able to start the policy immediately. The length of application depends on the amount of information required by the Insurer.

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Use the email address in preference to the telephone, wherever possible. We will endeavour to respond within 1 working day.

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03456 44 25 44 or 01392 439 854

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To contact us about Life Insurance or any other protection product

03456 44 25 40 or 01392 436 193 or Request a call back


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