Critical Illness is a policy designed to pay a lump sum to you directly should you be diagnosed with one of a specified list of critical illnesses, as detailed in the Key Facts Document for the provider you choose.

Some providers will also pay out a smaller lump sum, known as a partial payment, should you be diagnosed with a critical illness which meets the providers definition. Typically, these partial payments do not impact on your overall sum assured.  

These policy benefit lump sums can be used however you see fit, for example to repay debts such as a mortgage, towards alterations to a property, or towards moving property should you need to.

Not all conditions are covered, and each provider has a different amount of overall conditions covered within their policy. The ability to claim on a Critical Illness policy is not based on your ability to work, but meeting the criteria set out by the provider as specified on the inception of the policy.

Depending on your situation and budget, the most suited provider can vary. It’s important to understand the comprehensiveness of a policy is not always linked to the premium. In addition, where one provider may place exclusions on an existing condition or increase the premium as a result of it, others may not.

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Providers typically differ on the following:


•  Amount of conditions covered

•  Definitions (criteria) for conditions to be claimed on

•  Premiums

•  Ability for cover to keep up with inflation (indexation or index linking the policy)

•  Additional benefits (for example, added fracture cover, GP services)

•  Children’s cover

•  Assessment of existing medical conditions, occupations and hobbies.

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