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 I confirm that I have read the Key Features Document, Client Terms and Generic Illustration (please save or print a copy of these documents). I also confirm that I have not sought or received any advice from Cavendish Online in relation to the above pension. I accept that in addition to the fund charges on the new unbundled share class, a 0.20% platform fee will be paid to FundsNetwork and a 0.05% charge will be paid to Cavendish Online as stated in our Terms & Conditions. I also acknowledge that Cavendish Online will not review any investment purchased via the company.

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OPTION 1. Top up your pension or set up/amend a regular contribution:




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Please note that the minimum contribution amounts are as follows;

Lump sum = £1,000 gross
Monthly regular contribution = £50 gross per month
Pension transfer (as cash) = £10,000 
Pension transfer (fund re-registration) = £50,000

*When switching funds, we recommend reading the following before proceeding. 

Switching information

  • When you choose a fund to switch out of you need to be certain that is the specific version of the fund that you hold. The system will not validate that you hold the fund that you are requesting to switch out of. We would suggest that you have one window open that shows your current pension holdings and another window for entering the switch requests, so that you can compare one window to the other.
  • If you try to switch out of a fund that you don’t hold, FundsNetwork will contact you at a later date and request confirmation of what fund you did want to switch out of.
  • If you choose to switch out of a fund on a monetary basis (as opposed to a percentage basis) and if the monetary amount is greater than 98% of the value of your fund holding, FundsNetwork will process this switch as though you were switching 100% of the fund. For example, if you hold £1,000 of a particular fund and you request to switch out £980 of the fund, FundsNetwork will switch the entire £1,000. The exception is switching out of Cash where you can specify any monetary amounts. 
  • If you have regular contributions going into your pension, you can request to switch from one fund to one other fund and you will be given the option of amending the regular contribution accordingly. If you request to switch from one fund to many funds, you will not be given this option. 
  • Switch requests can only be processed when all other transactions in the pension have settled. For example, if you have recently made a lump sum investment or a regular monthly contribution has been made, the switch request will not be processed until those other transactions have settled. In effect the switch request will be queued up behind those other transactions.