Cavendish Online have agreed new terms with FundsNetwork™ for the Cavendish Online Fund Supermarket which are lower than you are currently paying for the Aegon (Cofunds) platform.

You can find further information regarding the changes below. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to email us or to phone us on 01392 439 854.

Comparison of the Aegon (Cofunds) and Cavendish Online Fund Supermarket platform charges

Aegon platform charge

Investment value

Aegon (Cofunds) platform charge

Less than £100,000


>£100,000 to £250,000


>£250,000 to £500,000


>£500,000 to £1,000,000




Cavendish Online Fund Supermarket (powered by FundsNetwork™) platform charge

Investment value

Cavendish Online Fund Supermarket platform charge

Less than £200,000


More than £200,000

0.20% on the entire balance

For example, if a client had a Aegon (Cofunds) account valued at £300,000 they would be paying Aegon 0.29% on the first £100,000, 0.26% on the next £150,000 and 0.23% on the next £50,000. This works out as a ‘blended rate’ of 0.265%.

If the same client moved that £300,000 account to the Cavendish Online Fund Supermarket they would pay the reduced platform charge of 0.20% on the entire account, not just on the balance over £200,000.

To move your Aegon account to the Cavendish Online Fund Supermarket, please click on 'How to move your account' for further information.

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