Critical Illness can be purchased online or over the phone with our Guidance or Advised teams.

Online – this option is available to anyone with no health disclosures, dangerous hobbies, or hazardous occupations (providing the amount of Critical Illness cover is the same as the amount Life cover). To include Critical Illness cover online, you can select it as a ‘policy extra’ once you have received the Life Assurance quotes.

Please note, there are a limited number of Critical Illness policies and providers available online. However, a wider selection of providers are available through our phone-based services (please see below for more information).

Over the phone - with access to all insurers and policies, purchasing a Critical Illness policy through our phone-based Guidance or Advised team is often a preferable option. Unlike our online route, you are able to have different amounts of Critical Illness and Life cover, meaning you can tailor the policy to your specific needs.

If you have a good idea of the policy you’re looking for but would rather go through the process over the telephone, then you may wish to speak with our Guidance team. They can access a panel of insurers to provide quick quotes for you and take you through the application process once you’ve decided on the right policy.

Call our Guidance team now: 

01392 241 850

Alternatively, you may choose to speak with one of our advisers. If you have any medical disclosures, a high risk occupation or hazardous hobbies and are looking to secure some Critical Illness cover you should consider giving our advised team a call, as they can provide a range of options based on your circumstances, and advise you on which insurer and policy best meets your needs.

Our Advice team operate on a 'Whole of Market' basis, meaning they are not limited to using certain insurance providers when making recommendations for your cover. 

Call our Advice team now on: 

01392 436 193

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