This may be the most frequently asked question from customers.

Cavendish Online only charges a small one-off fee for processing your  application when you go through the 'fee-based' option through our website. 

Alternatively, those who choose the 'no-fee' option on our website, or apply via our guidance or advised teams over the phone do not have to pay a fee. Instead, our team will recieve some commission from the product provider for the work they do on your behalf - a large proportion of this is sacrificed to bring costs down for you. 

Due to the number of people using Cavendish Online to make significant savings, we are able to continue to offer this unbeatable service and continue to grow.

We don’t spend much on advertising and marketing and rely on recommendations from our customers, industry experts and word of mouth. Therefore, if you know someone who can benefit from our service, please let them know and help them save.

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