How much setting up a pension through Cavendish Online costs depends on which product you select - either a Stakeholder & Personal Pension or the Cavendish Online FundSupermarket Pension.

With regards to the Cavendish Online FundSupermarket Pension, there will be no set up or transfer charges and instead we will take an annual fee of 0.05%. This will be taken as well as an annual 0.25% platform charge taken by FundsNetwork and the fund manager charge (typically 0.75% or only 0.10% for tracker funds).

In exchange for relinquishing all its commission back to the investor, Cavendish simply charges a one-off set-up fee of £35 for Stakeholder or Personal pensions. Similarly, a repension into a Stakeholder or Personal pension will cost a one-off fee of £70, representing the new plan and the transfer of the old one into the new one.

Please visit our 'Fees' page for more information. 

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