For deals that you place in shares, IT’s and ETF’s on an account that has been migrated to the new platform you will have the option of placing a market order or a limit order.

If your account has not yet been migrated to the new platform then any deals you place in IT’s and ETF’s will be placed once a day at lunchtime.

Market Order
You request a deal is executed and you will see the live market price at that time. You will be given 15 seconds to decide whether or not you want to proceed with placing the deal at that price.

Limit Order
You request a deal is executed but you can specify the price that you are prepared to buy or sell at. Your deal will not be executed until the market price hits your limit order price.

Please be aware that any Limit Orders that you submit will expire when the market closes on the day that you submitted the order, or when the market next closes if you placed the order outside of normal market hours.

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