The fee applicable depends on the product you are looking to arrange through Cavendish Online. 

When applying for life insurance via the Cavendish Online website, you have two options: 

1) With a £25 fee - By charging a one-off fee of £25 Cavendish Online asks all providers to rebate all the commission normally paid to a broker.  This makes it possible to offer the lowest possible life insurance premiums in the UK.

2) No fee (Commission Based- If you prefer, you can choose our No Fee option and we will instead take a small percentage of commission, paid to us by the insurance company. This is usually suitable for short term or low premium policies or if you think you'll change your insurance in the next few years.

When you carry out an online quote you will see prices for Fee Based and Commission Based, wherever possible.

If you apply through our telephone-based Guidance or Advice services:

No fee is payable. However, if you did take out a policy through this route then we would receive commission from the Insurer. We request a lower percentage of commission resulting in lower premiums for our customers. 

Head to our  Fees page for an overview of the fees and charges on all of the products and services we offer.

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