This pension is a low cost pension providing access to over 3,300 different funds from 85 different fund providers.

It offers a full range of tax benefits including tax relief on contributions, tax-efficient growth for your investments and tax advantages when you retire.

There are no set up fees and you will only be charged the fund manager charge, an annual 0.20% platform fee and a 0.05% Cavendish Online fee making this one of the lowest cost pensions available.

You will be able to start, stop, increase or decrease (*) your payments into the pension and have the option to transfer any existing pensions across. If you decide to transfer away in the future then there will be no exit fees.

You will have secure access to your online account to track the progress of your pension. You will be able to view and analyse your pension online.

* - if you wish to make a monthly contribution the minimum amount is £50 gross (£40 net)

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