Vita work together with the Cavendish Online protection advisers to offer advice on a range of protection products including Life Assurance, Critical Illness, Income Protection and Business Protection.

If you have stated during your Life Assurance quote that you may either have a medical condition or a hazardous occupation that may affect your cover then we may contact you to discuss this in more detail. Likewise, if you have completed an online quote but not proceeded with obtaining cover, then we may contact you to see whether you need any assistance.  The reason for this is that our online (non-advised) route can only offer quotes on a limited panel of Insurers. Our advisers may be able to find you both cheaper and more comprehensive cover by having access to a much larger panel of Insurers and variety of products that are not available via the online (non-advised) route.

Our advisers also have knowledge of which Insurers are able to offer more favourable terms depending on a customer’s medical conditions, lifestyle, BMI or any hazardous pursuits they may participate in. For more details please call us on 03456 44 25 40.

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