Cavendish Online Fees

Life Assurance
By charging a one-off fee of £25 Cavendish Online asks all providers to rebate all the commission normally paid to a broker. This makes it possible to offer the lowest possible life insurance premiums in the UK.

If you prefer, you can also choose our No Fee option and we will instead take a small percentage of commission but you will not have to pay us a fee. This is usually suitable for short term or low premium policies or if you think you’ll change your insurance in the next few years.

By charging a one-off fee of £35 Cavendish Online reinvests all of the commission back into your pension resulting in a lower annual management charge (AMC). Lowering this charge can have significant effects on your final pension pot. Please visit Pension Comparisons to see the possible savings. There is no charge when applying for a SIPP via Cavendish Online.

To process your investment application we do not charge for ISAs and OEICs. We charge a one-off fee of £35 for Bonds and VCTs. In all cases we give the commission back to you wherever possible. You can then take advantage of our unique Renewal Commission Cashback Service.


How does Cavendish Online make money?
This may be the most frequently asked question from customers. Cavendish Online only charges a small one-off fee for processing your application but, due to the number of people now using Cavendish Online to make significant savings, we are able to continue to offer this unbeatable service and continue to grow.

We don’t spend much on advertising and marketing and rely on recommendations from our customers, industry experts and word of mouth. Therefore, if you know someone who can benefit from our service, please let them know and help them save.

Cavendish Online Refund Policy
If your Life Assurance policy is declined you can either apply to another company or ask us for a full refund of your fee. If your premium is increased due to health / lifestyle reasons or deferred then you can either apply to another company or ask us to refund your fee if you decide not to proceed. If your premium has not increased but you decide not to take up the policy we do not offer a refund.

Life Assurance companies use similar underwriting criteria but some do vary. Therefore, if you are declined or rated by one, then you may or may not be treated in a similar way by another. If you do decide to apply to another company we recommend speaking to the underwriters at that company to ask how they will treat your situation before applying. For more information regarding this and to obtain the relevant underwriting phone numbers please visit our underwriting information page or Contact Us

Does Cavendish Online offer any multi-buy discounts?
We cap our fees at £100 per person for any products bought through us at any one time. For example, if you are buying more than 2 life insurance policies, transferring more than one pension into a new pension or buying several investments then you will make additional savings through Cavendish Online.

For more information please email or call 03456 44 25 44.


ISAs, ISA Transfers, Unit Trusts & OEICS Please click here
Stakeholder & Personal Pensions £35
Bonds £35
Life Assurance £25
Home Insurance No charge (£10 cashback)
VCTs £35
SIPPs No charge


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