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Fidelity Sterling Core Plus Reduced Duration Bond Fund GACC-GBP

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Fund Provider FIL Investment Services (UK) Ltd
Fund Summary The Fund aims to deliver an income with the potential to increase the value of your investment. The Fund will be at least 85% invested in the Fidelity Institutional Sterling Core Plus Bond Fund, but it is the intention through the use of derivatives to adjust interest rate risk to a target of 5 years, such that the returns achieved may be substantially different to those of the Fidelity Institutional Sterling Core Plus Bond Fund. The Fund is actively managed. The Investment Manager identifies suitable opportunities for the Fund utilising in-house research and investment capabilities. The Investment Manager will, when selecting investments for the Fund and for the purposes of monitoring risk, consider the 50% ICE Bank of America Merrill Lynch 15+ Year UK Gilt Index and 50% ICE Bank of America Merrill Lynch 15+ Year Sterling Non-Gilt Index. However, the Investment Manager has a limited degree of freedom relative to the custom blend and may invest in issuers, sectors, countries and security types not included in the custom blend in order to take advantage of investment opportunities. This means the Fund's investments and therefore performance may vary from, but is unlikely to be significantly different to, the index. The Fund may also obtain exposure to transferable securities, money market instruments, collective investment schemes, cash and near cash and deposits. Derivatives may be used for hedging and may include (but are not limited to) derivatives on exchange rates, interest rates, inflation and credit. The Fund may also take positions which enable it to benefit from falling asset prices. The Fund's performance can be compared to the blend of indices set out in the Investment Policy above as the constituents best represent the characteristics the Fund is seeking to gain exposure to. Many funds sold in the UK are grouped into sectors by the Investment Association (the trade body that represents UK Investment Managers), to facilitate comparison between funds with
Fund code STCPR
Managers Ian Fishwick
Manager Tenure 4 years
Morningstar Category GBP Diversified Bond
Fund Size £2,147 million
Fund Type OEIC
Management Style Active
Ongoing Charge Figure (OCF) 0.4664%
Cavendish ongoing charge 0.05%
FundsNetwork Service Fee 0.20%
Minimum Initial Investment £25
Minimum Top Up £25
Minimum Monthly Investment £25
Sell Price £11.1427
Buy Price £11.1427
Price Change +0.7432%
Price Date 30th March 2020
Yield Currently unavailable
Dividend Frequency Yearly
ISA Eligible No
SIPP Eligible No
Inception Date 30th October 2015
Fund Status OPEN
Ian Fishwick joined Fidelity as a Portfolio Manager in 2007. He has over two decades of investment experience, the majority of which have been managing Sterling bond funds. Ian was previously Head of UK Fixed Income at Credit Suisse Asset Management and prior to that Chief Executive and CIO of SLC Asset Management. Ian holds a BA Hons in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Cambridge.

3-year Mean Monthly Return: 0.273%

Annual Returns 2019 2018 2017 2016
Fund Performance +8.46% -2.00% +4.52% +7.30%
Benchmark Performance
(GBP Diversified Bond)
+7.54% -1.50% +3.08% +9.02%
Time Period Cumulative Benchmark Performance
(GBP Diversified Bond)
Fund Compared to Benchmark
1 day 0.74% -1.40% +2.15%
1 week 3.58% -4.14% +7.73%
1 month -7.42% -1.53% -5.89%
3 months -6.89% -2.59% -4.31%
6 months -5.05% +2.87% -7.93%
1 year -2.67% +2.23% -4.89%
3 years 0.50% +4.12% -3.63%
5 years Currently unavailable Currently unavailable Currently unavailable
10 years Currently unavailable Currently unavailable Currently unavailable
YTD -6.80% +1.89% -8.69%
Since inception 2.45% Currently unavailable Currently unavailable

Top 10 shares for this fund

Share Name Country Value
Barc Swap Irs 2/23 6muklv1.4 24.67%
Ultra US Treasury Bond Future June 20 18.54%
Llys Swap Irs 1/36 1.7v6mukl 15.50%
Hsbs Swap Irs 2/22 6muklv1 14.58%
Hsbs Swap Irs 2/37 1.7v6mukl 14.06%
Mscs Swap Irs 4/23 6muklv1.3 13.57%
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 3.5% GBR 11.97%
Llys Swap Irs 1/22 6muklv1.06 11.54%
Hsbs Swap Irs 2/28 1.6v6mukl 10.32%
Llys Swap Irs 1/46 1.7v6mukl 10.12%
Dividend Date Per share amount Reinvestment Price
2nd March 2020 0.2306 £12.0211
1st March 2019 0.2006 £11.3292
1st March 2018 0.2153 £11.2085
1st March 2017 0.2349 £10.9511
1st March 2016 0.0600 £9.7954