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Fortem Capital Progressive Growth Fund Class D Inc

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Fund Provider Fortem Capital
Fund Summary The investment objective of the Fund is to generate capital growth over the medium to longer term. The Fund may invest without limit, in developed market equities, equity related securities (such as equity market indices), OECD government, Corporate, investment grade bonds and Collective Investment Schemes (CIS). The OECD government, investment grade and corporate bonds will comprise fixed and/or floating interest rate bearing securities in developed markets such as the United Kingdom, United States and Germany. The Fund may also invest indirectly in these securities through Financial Derivative Instruments (FDI) including but not limited to swaps and options. In particular, the Fund will invest indirectly in the following equity market indices: FTSE 100, S&P 500, Eurostoxx 50, Russell 2000, Swiss Market Index and Nikkei 225 but may invest in other indices from time to time (together the Indices). A list of all of the Indices in which the Fund invests at any one time is available to investors from the Investment Manager on request. The Fund will not be subject to any geographic, sector or market capitalisation constraints. The Investment Manager has the discretion to consider which Indices, equities or bonds may benefit the Fund and the overall allocation of investment in same. This is done through research using own proprietary databases and external services. On demand, you may buy or sell your shares on any Business Day, being a weekday on which commercial banks in Ireland and United Kingdom (and in any other financial centre that the Directors may determine to be relevant for the operations of the Fund) are open for normal banking business. Any income generated by the fund will be reinvested to grow the value of your Shares. The Fund is suitable for investors who are seeking capital growth over a medium to long term horizon, but who are willing to tolerate medium to high risks due to the potentially volatile nature of the investments
SEDOL code BD7Y3W8
Fund code FRPGI
Manager Tenure Currently unavailable
Morningstar Category Alt - Multistrategy
Fund Size Currently unavailable
Fund Type OEIC
Management Style Active
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 0.7%
Cavendish ongoing charge 0.05%
FundsNetwork Service Fee 0.20%
Minimum Initial Investment £25
Minimum Top Up £25
Minimum Monthly Investment £25
Sell Price £1.0154
Buy Price £1.0154
Price Change +0.1776%
Price Date 21st May 2019
Yield Currently unavailable
Dividend Frequency Semi-Annually
ISA Eligible Yes
SIPP Eligible Yes
Inception Date 10th November 2017
Fund Status OPEN

3-year Mean Monthly Return: Currently unavailable

Annual Returns 2018
Fund Performance +5.55%
Benchmark Performance
(Alt - Multistrategy)
Time Period Cumulative Benchmark Performance
(Alt - Multistrategy)
Fund Compared to Benchmark
1 day 0.18% +0.30% -0.12%
1 week 0.78% -0.10% +0.88%
1 month -0.39% +1.89% -2.28%
3 months 2.11% +1.60% +0.51%
6 months 4.55% +3.47% +1.09%
1 year 3.28% +3.12% +0.16%
3 years Currently unavailable +7.93% Currently unavailable
5 years Currently unavailable +9.18% Currently unavailable
10 years Currently unavailable +74.71% Currently unavailable
YTD 9.10% +2.04% +7.07%
Since inception 7.73% Currently unavailable Currently unavailable

Currently unavailable

Dividend Date Per share amount Reinvestment Price
23rd April 2019 0.0200 £1.0215
22nd October 2018 0.0200 £0.9825
20th April 2018 0.0200