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HSBC World Selection Dividend Distribution Portfolio Fund C Inc

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Fund Provider HSBC Global Asset Management
Fund Summary To achieve its objective the Fund invests primarily in collective investment schemes that in turn invest in fixed income securities, equities, alternative asset classes and derivatives. Alternative asset classes may include but are not limited to property, infrastructure, hedge funds, private equity and commodities. Typically the Fund will have a bias towards asset classes that focus on fixed interest strategies. The collective investment schemes that the Fund invests in will, where possible, be those managed or operated by the ACD or an associate of the ACD. Where this is not possible the Fund may invest in collective investment schemes operated by third party fund providers. The Fund may invest directly in equities and fixed interest securities where the investment objective can be more efficiently achieved. The Fund may also invest in money market instruments, deposits and cash to manage day-to-day cash flow requirements. The Fund may use exchange traded and over the counter derivatives and forward currency contracts for efficient portfolio management, including hedging, purposes and for investment purposes. Investing in derivatives for investment purposes means, in particular, maintaining positions in these investments for the long term rather than just for tactical short-term purposes. However, it is envisaged that the use of derivatives for investment purposes will not be extensive and will not affect the overall risk profile of the Fund.
SEDOL code B84BZW1
Fund code HCOGI
Managers Kate Morrissey, David J McNay
Manager Tenure Currently unavailable
Morningstar Category Currently unavailable
IMA Sector Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares
Fund Size £470 million
Fund Type OEIC
Management Style Active
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 1.32%
Cavendish ongoing charge 0.05%
FundsNetwork Service Fee 0.20%
Minimum Initial Investment £25
Minimum Top Up £25
Minimum Monthly Investment £25
Sell Price £1.191
Buy Price £1.191
Price Change 0.00%
Price Date 23rd July 2019
Yield 3.99%
Dividend Frequency Quarterly
ISA Eligible Yes
SIPP Eligible Yes
Inception Date 9th November 2006
Fund Status OPEN

3-year Mean Monthly Return: 0.536%

Annual Returns 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
Fund Performance +5.77% +0.83% +12.97% +6.94% +4.29% +8.67% +12.62% +1.01% +11.35% +15.78%
Benchmark Performance
+3.98% +3.91% +10.86% +8.64% +1.82%
Time Period Cumulative Benchmark Performance
Fund Compared to Benchmark
1 day 0.06% -0.03% +0.08%
1 week -0.27% +1.54% -1.81%
1 month 1.31% +1.89% -0.59%
3 months 3.15% +3.85% -0.70%
6 months 8.29% +6.72% +1.58%
1 year 6.05% +1.01% +5.04%
3 years 16.77% +25.70% -8.93%
5 years 36.59% +35.01% +1.59%
10 years 112.44% +121.89% -9.46%
YTD 11.49% +9.60% +1.89%
Since inception 99.13% Currently unavailable Currently unavailable

Top 10 shares for this fund

Share Name Country Value
HSBC UCITS Cn Cntl Dev Wld Eq Inc FacA1$ IRL 19.59%
HSBC GIF Global Em Mkts Local Dbt ZQ1 LUX 12.81%
HSBC Corporate Bond Institutional Inc GBR 10.04%
Fidelity MoneyBuilder Dividend Y Inc GBR 7.57%
HSBC GIF Global Real Estate Eq ZD LUX 5.12%
HSBC GIF Global High Yield Bond ZQ1 LUX 5.09%
HSBC GIF Glbl Shrt Dur Hi Yld Bd ZQ1 LUX 4.99%
HSBC GIF Global Emerg Mkts Bd ZQ1 LUX 4.98%
HSBC GIF Global AstBckd Crsvr Bd ZQ1 LUX 4.77%
Fidelity Emerg Mkts Qual Inc ETF USD Acc IRL 4.70%
Dividend Date Per share amount Reinvestment Price
16th July 2019 0.0132 £1.1947
16th April 2019 0.0122 £1.1681
16th January 2019 0.0119 £1.1189
16th October 2018 0.0108 £1.1269
16th July 2018 0.0116 £1.1631
16th April 2018 0.0108 £1.1350