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Legal & General Global Inflation Linked Bond Index Fund (C) - Accumulation (Restricted Fund)

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Fund Provider Legal & General(Unit Trust Managers)Ltd
Fund Summary The objective of this fund is to provide a mixture of income and growth (if the income is reinvested) by tracking the performance of the Barclays World Government Ex UK Inflation Linked Bonds TR Hedged GBP Index. The fund will invest between 80% and 100% in bonds (a type of loan which pays interest) included in the Index. These bonds will have a pre-set rate of income (either set at a fixed level or varying in a predetermined way). The fund’s investments will closely match those that make up the Index and this will be achieved through investing in a sample selection of the bonds in the Index. The bonds are issued in the relevant national currency by governments around the world (excluding the UK). The interest and capital returns on these bonds will be linked to local inflation rates. The bonds that the fund invests in will be a mixture of investment grade bonds (rated as lower risk) and sub-investment grade bonds (rated as higher risk). The mix will closely match that of the Index. Investment and sub-investment grade bonds are bonds that have been given a credit rating by a rating agency. Credit ratings give an indication of how likely it is that the issuer of a bond will be able to pay back interest and the loan on time. 35% or more of the fund can be invested in United States government or public bonds. The fund may use derivatives (contracts which have a value linked to the price of another asset) to reduce risk or cost; or generate additional capital or income with no, or an acceptably low, level of risk. It will also use currency derivatives for investment purposes to manage the effect of fluctuations in exchange rates with Sterling, in order to maintain accurate tracking. The fund may also invest in other bonds, deposits, money market instruments and cash. Money market instruments are a type of security where cash can be deposited for short periods of time. If you hold accumulation units, income from investments held by the fund (interest) will be reinveste
Fund code LGIXC
Managers Not Disclosed
Manager Tenure 7 years
Morningstar Category Global Inflation-Linked Bond - GBP Hedged
IMA Sector Global Bonds
Fund Size £1,375 million
Fund Type OEIC
Management Style Passive
Ongoing Charge Figure (OCF) 0.15%
Cavendish ongoing charge 0.05%
FundsNetwork Service Fee 0.20%
Minimum Initial Investment £25
Minimum Top Up £25
Minimum Monthly Investment £25
Sell Price £0.0061
Buy Price £0.0061
Price Date 11th August 2020
Yield 0.90%
Dividend Frequency Semi-Annually
ISA Eligible Yes
SIPP Eligible Yes
Inception Date 9th September 2019
Fund Status OPEN

3-year Mean Monthly Return: 0.326%

Annual Returns 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Fund Performance +5.34% +3.03% +1.93% -1.16% +4.43% -0.55%
Benchmark Performance
(Global Inflation-Linked Bond - GBP Hedged)
+4.28% +3.21% +0.79% +0.96% +5.17%
Time Period Cumulative Benchmark Performance
(Global Inflation-Linked Bond - GBP Hedged)
Fund Compared to Benchmark
1 day -0.03% +4.60% -4.63%
1 week -0.16% +1.23% -1.40%
1 month 1.84% +3.74% -1.89%
3 months 4.68% +3.13% +1.55%
6 months 4.24% +3.33% +0.90%
1 year 5.21% +2.99% +2.22%
3 years 3.81% +3.21% +0.60%
5 years 3.04% +3.26% -0.22%
10 years Currently unavailable Currently unavailable Currently unavailable
YTD 5.76% -0.34% +6.10%
Since inception 3.03% Currently unavailable Currently unavailable

Top 10 shares for this fund

Share Name Country Value
United States Treasury Notes 0.67% USA 2.11%
United States Treasury Notes 0.65% USA 2.07%
United States Treasury Notes 0.13% USA 2.07%
United States Treasury Notes 0.69% USA 2.05%
United States Treasury Notes 0.14% USA 2.04%
United States Treasury Notes 0.14% USA 1.99%
United States Treasury Notes 0.27% USA 1.98%
United States Treasury Notes 0.41% USA 1.97%
United States Treasury Notes 0.41% USA 1.94%
United States Treasury Notes 0.14% USA 1.92%
Dividend Date Per share amount Reinvestment Price
8th June 2020 0.0019 £0.5840
6th December 2019 0.0039 £0.5742
6th June 2019 0.0022 £0.5614
6th December 2018 0.0052 £0.5394
6th June 2018 0.0045 £0.5423
6th December 2017 0.0040 £0.5508