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Threadneedle Global Multi Asset Income Z Acc

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Fund Provider Columbia Threadneedle
Fund Summary The aim of the Fund is to provide income with the potential to grow the amount you invested over the medium to long term. The Fund will invest at least two-thirds of its assets so as to gain global exposure to company shares, bonds and property. The amount of the Fund that is invested in the different asset types will vary over time as the Fund seeks to achieve its aim. The Fund will invest in shares and bonds indirectly through regulated and unregulated funds. The Fund may also invest in these assets directly or indirectly by using derivatives. The Funds exposure to commodities and property will be gained indirectly through other funds, related securities, or by using derivatives. Commodities are physical materials such as oil, agricultural products, and metals.
SEDOL code BNG6455
Fund code THGMA
Managers Toby Nangle
Manager Tenure 5 years
Morningstar Category GBP Moderate Allocation
IMA Sector Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares
Fund Size £78 million
Fund Type OEIC
Management Style Active
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 0.84%
Cavendish ongoing charge 0.05%
FundsNetwork Service Fee 0.20%
Minimum Initial Investment £25
Minimum Top Up £25
Minimum Monthly Investment £25
Sell Price £1.408
Buy Price £1.408
Price Change +0.4996%
Price Date 16th July 2019
Yield 2.87%
Dividend Frequency Quarterly
ISA Eligible Yes
SIPP Eligible Yes
Inception Date 31st July 2014
Fund Status OPEN
Toby Nangle joined the company in 2012 and is currently Global Head of Asset Allocation and Head of Multi Asset,

3-year Mean Monthly Return: 0.513%

Annual Returns 2018 2017 2016 2015
Fund Performance +4.57% +2.99% +11.19% +7.87%
Benchmark Performance
(GBP Moderate Allocation)
+2.87% +2.32% +10.80% +3.92%
Time Period Cumulative Benchmark Performance
(GBP Moderate Allocation)
Fund Compared to Benchmark
1 day 0.50% -0.01% +0.51%
1 week 0.56% +1.11% -0.56%
1 month 2.68% +1.47% +1.20%
3 months 3.80% +2.82% +0.99%
6 months 9.05% +5.38% +3.67%
1 year 5.82% +1.12% +4.69%
3 years 19.17% +17.87% +1.30%
5 years Currently unavailable +25.41% Currently unavailable
10 years Currently unavailable +92.81% Currently unavailable
YTD 10.92% +7.33% +3.59%
Since inception 40.80% Currently unavailable Currently unavailable

Top 10 shares for this fund

Share Name Country Value
Threadneedle Stlg SD Corp Bd InsGrs Inc£ GBR 13.00%
Threadneedle HY Bd Ins X Grs Inc GBP GBR 11.28%
Threadneedle UK Prpty Authrsd Invmt INI GBR 10.78%
Threadneedle (Lux) Asia Equity Inc ZUP LUX 9.91%
Threadneedle Glbl Eq Inc Ins X Inc GBP GBR 9.35%
Threadneedle (Lux) Pan Eur Eq Dv 4GP GBP LUX 7.21%
Threadneedle US Eq Inc Ins X Inc GBP GBR 6.18%
Threadneedle UK Eq Inc Ins X Inc GBP GBR 5.85%
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1.75% GBR 5.58%
Threadneedle (Lux) Gl Em Mkt S-T Bds AUP LUX 3.95%
Dividend Date Per share amount Reinvestment Price
28th May 2019 0.0104 £1.3567
26th February 2019 0.0076 £1.3219
26th November 2018 0.0127 £1.3052
28th August 2018 0.0081 £1.3546
25th May 2018 0.0126 £1.3319
26th February 2018 0.0068 £1.3051