Cavendish Online FundSupermarket

All investments on the Cavendish Online FundSupermarket (powered by FundsNetwork™) will have 
THREE explicit charges applied:

1. A fund manager charge
This charge will vary according to the fund you wish to buy. Please click here to identify a specific fund charge.

2. A platform charge of 0.20% 
Reduced to 0.15% on the entire balance if you have more than £200,000 in your ISA, Investment (*) or Pension accounts. 

3. A Cavendish Online Ongoing fee of 0.05%

* Please click here for more information on how a Sole or Joint Investment account affects the reduced platform charge.


NO initial fees on Unit Trusts/OEIC's, NO annual fees, NO switching fees & NO exit fees.

Some fund managers impose a dilution levy or fund manager buy/sell charge on some of their funds, please check the fund's KIID document if you require clarification for a particular fund.

Additional fees apply to deals in Exchange Traded Products and Investment Trusts.

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