How to choose your funds

With over 3,000 funds to choose from there is plenty of choice...


Fund Research

We have a fund research section on our website where you will be able to compare the various funds on offer. you will be able to search by provider or sector to get an idea of what's available or by fund name or fund manager if you know exactly what you're looking for.

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Model Portfolios

We also have 12 different model portfolios which you can use for a little inspiration. You can decide your risk level (Low, Medium, High) and within that risk category you will be able to view Income Funds, Ethical Funds, Income Funds or Growth funds. You may decide to use some or all of the funds within each individual model portfolio depending on your circumstances and/or how you're looking to diversify your investment.

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External resources

You may also want to use other resources to help pick your funds.

FundsNetwork have their own Investment Finder tool that provides more ways to select your fund and allows you to compare the performance of funds against each other.

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