Money Laundering Identification (MLI)

To apply for certain products through Cavendish Online we will require money laundering identification. We will need to see original or certified (#) documents to prove your identity and your address. If you are applying jointly for a product we will need to see identification documents for each of you.

Either your passport or a UK driving licence would be suitable as proof of your identity.

With regards to your address, we suggest a recent bank statement or utility bill (within the last three months and unfortunately not a mobile phone bill). Alternatively we can also accept a Council Tax bill for the current tax year.  These documents must have been posted to your home address, we cannot accept them if they have been printed from the internet. If you do not have a bank statement, utility bill or Council Tax bill then we can accept your passport to verify your identity and your UK driving licence to verify your address, this is the ideal combination as both of these documents are generally valid for the longest period of time.

#A certified copy is where a person of authority (solicitor, teacher, director, post office clerk etc) signs a copy of the original document stating that it is a true copy of the original document. They will need to sign and date the document and add their name and position. The person certifying the document must not be related to you or in a relationship with you or living at the same address as you.