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Investing through Cavendish Online

All new investments to the Cavendish Online FundSupermarket (powered by FundsNetwork™) will have THREE explicit charges applied:

1. A fund manager charge 
This charge will vary according to the fund you wish to buy. Please click here to identify a specific fund charge.

2. A platform charge of 0.20%
Reduced to 0.15% on the entire balance if you have a combined value of more than £200,000 in your ISA, Investment (*) and Pension accounts. These need to be FundsNetwork accounts that are linked to Cavendish Online.

3. A Cavendish Online Ongoing fee of 0.05%
* Please click here for more information on how a Sole or Joint Investment account affects the reduced platform charge. 

NO initial fees on Unit Trusts/OEIC's, NO annual fees, NO switching fees & NO exit fees.

Additional fees apply to deals in Shares, Investment Trusts (IT's) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's). Please click here for more information.

Some fund managers impose a dilution levy or fund manager buy/sell charge on some of their funds, please check the fund's KIID document if you require clarification for a particular fund.

How to apply?

> Open an ISA account 

> Open a non-ISA account

> Move your existing investment to Cavendish Online

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cavendish Online earn their income?

Cavendish Online will received a 0.05% Ongoing Fee which is equivalent to £10.00 per annum for an ISA valued at £20,000 (2018/19 annual limit).

What are the charges on a typical fund?

Only unbundled (clean share class) funds are now available when purchasing new funds. The first illustration below shows how much you will be charged for a typical fund (Invesco Perpetual High Income). A total of 1.00% will be charged which is made up of a 0.75% fund manager charge, a 0.20% platform service fee and 0.05% ongoing fee payable to Cavendish Online.

You may previously have held bundled (dirty) funds that contained trail commission within the fund charge. The second illustration shows a typical bundled fund where an AMC of 1.5% would have been charged.


New fund structure

Are there any other charges?

Customers will also benefit from:

  • NO initial charges* on all 3,300 funds
  • NO annual fees
  • NO switching fees
  • NO exit fees

    Additional fees apply to deals in Exchange Traded Products and Investment Trusts. Click here for further information.

How do I move my investments to Cavendish Online to save money?

This will depend on where your investments are held. Whether you are currently using another platform, are registered with a financial adviser / broker, or hold investments directly, moving to Cavendish Online can help you reduce your annual charges.

Please visit our moving your investments section for guidance on these options.

How long does a change of agency, re-registration or ISA transfer take?

Cavendish Online will process any paper application and forward to FundsNetwork on the day of receipt. 

A change of agency will typically complete within one week.

A re-registration will typically take four to six weeks to complete.

An ISA Transfer will typically take four weeks to complete.

Please be aware that these are estimates and are not guarantees of how long it will take if you have applied to move your investment to us.

Will there be any exit charges if I decide to leave?

There are not any funds on our platform that would incur an exit charge if you were to move.

There will also be no charges if you decided to transfer away from our platform in the future.

For more information on exit charges please click here