Critical Illness

Critical Illness insurance is a policy designed to pay a one off lump sum to you directly if you are diagnosed with one of a specified list of illnesses, as detailed in the Key Facts document for the provider. The lump sum can be used to repay debts such as a mortgage, or towards alterations to property, or towards moving property, should you need to.

Not all conditions are covered, it is not based on your ability to work, but meeting the criteria set out on the inception of the policy.

All providers differ on the following:

  • Amount of conditions covered
  • Criteria for claims against the most claimed upon illnesses
  • Premiums
  • Ability for cover to keep up with inflation
  • Life element including or additional cost
  • Additional benefits (various)
  • Children’s cover
  • Treatment of existing conditions and exclusions

Depending on your budget, and need, the provider required could be different.  The comprehensiveness is not always linked to premium and exclusions can apply with existing conditions but differ with each provider.

If you are confident with your decisions on Critical Illness, then our website will enable you to apply with a fee based and a non-fee based option.

To get an online quote you will need to complete the initial Life Assurance questions and then, once you get to the quotes panel, you will be able to add critical illness using the area at the top right of the screen.
Please click here to get a quote.


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