Other products

There are other protection products that are not available on an execution-only basis through Cavendish Online.

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  • Over 50's (More info)

If you find you are struggling to get insurance, or if you feel that your parents or loved ones, over the age of 50, haven’t made their own provisions, then our advisers can look at a range of Over 50’s options for you.

A typical Over 50’s plan has a moratorium period.  This is a period of time in which, you are not paid the full benefit amount, but its rather like a qualifying period.  If you were to die during this time as a result of illness, you would typically have a refund of premiums, however; some providers give additional benefits.

Our advisers have the knowledge to advise you on which policy best meets your needs.

  • Business Protection (including Relevant Life and Key Person) (More info)

There are various types of business protection that could suit your needs and requirements.

Our advisers deal with business protection and locate the best policy to meet your needs.

Our advisers can look into Business Term Assurance, decreasing term assurance, Whole of life, Shareholder protection, Relevant Life and Key Person.

Some policies have certain tax benefits associated to them, so if our team feel you should be looking at alternative options, you can be sure these will pointed out to you.

  • Self-employed and business owners (More info)

We will be able to advice on the various options available to self-employed and business owners. These products difer to those offered online and therefore we could find you lower monthly premiums as a result. Please give us a call for more details.

  • Group Private Medical Insurance (More info)

This is typically used a benefit to employees offered by an employer as part of their package.

It depends on what the business would like to offer as to which policy to take.

If taken out through a business then premiums can normally be classed a business expense.


  • Shorter waiting times for diagnosis & treatment
  • Access to treatment in more hospitals than offered by the NHS
  • Private hospital rooms
  • Personalised recovery
  • Access to treatments that may not be available on the NHS

  • Inheritence Tax planning (More info)

We offer not only Whole of Life, but Gift Inter Vivos cover.

Are you gifting monies to family to reduce your Inheritance tax liability? Do you need to insure against the risk of your passing within 7 years?

Have you got an Inheritance Liability you wish to insure as you would like to retain access to the funds?

We do not offer full inheritance tax planning, but we do offer products if you know what you need and we look to provide our advice on the best policy for your needs, at the best cost.  We go to our providers and speak with the underwriters before application.

  • Hazardous occupations & Armed Forces personnel (More info)

Depending on your job or leisure activities, it may be that you are a higher risk to insurers.
As a result each insurer may charge you more.

We have expert knowledge of each insurance provider’s criteria and pricing structure and are therefore able to recommend the most appropriate insurer.

Examples of when an insurer may wish to increase your premium are:

  • Armed forces personnel; depending on where you are based, and what your job entails and what your notice to deploy status is, premiums can range from standard to declined.
  • Offshore Oil and Gas involvement; whether you are working on an oil rig or ship, the majority of ratings placed on policies depend on where you are and again, specifics of your particular job.  Again, ratings can vary from standard rates to decline.
  • Working at heights; depending on which product you apply for, could mean you are accepted at standard rates, however there are some occupations that include heights beyond a reasonable amount and these heights can be accepted at standard to decline.
  • Working with water; Diving and fishing involvement carries a high risk to insurers, and depends on depth and type of vessel.
  • Hazardous pursuits; climbing, mountaineering, horse-riding that includes jumping/hunts, rally car, motocross, diving, hand-gliding and any other type of gliding, sailing, sky diving etc. will all potentially be loaded depending upon how often they are carried out and your level of expertise.

Our advisers are used to dealing with clients from all different backgrounds and are well equipped with our Whole of Market proposition to look at all types of providers to be able to find companies who can take on the risk of your occupation or hazardous activity at the best possible price.

  • Unemployment Cover (More Info)

Unemployment insurance is a policy designed to pay a monthly amount to you directly to support you if you are made involuntarily redundant. These policies are available either as stand-alone products or as an optional benefit with an Income Protection policy.


Payouts are limited to either 12 or 18 months, dependant on which policy you choose. The benefit tends to be restricted to your normal monthly commitments, such as mortgage repayments and utility bills, although some providers will offer to cover more than this.


Short term Accident & Sickness cover can also be added to Unemployment cover. Whilst this does not offer the comprehensive level of cover that Income Protection does, underwriting is not always required which can be beneficial in some situations.

You will not have to pay a fee when using our advice service and we have also reduced the commission we will receive so that you can benefit from a considerably lower premium.

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