View existing account?


This includes:

  • Viewing your account
  • Dealing on your current Investment

If you are making a contribution that you intend to invest please make sure that you Add Cash to your Investment ISA or to your Investment Account. If you Add Cash to your Cash Management Account this cannot be invested.

To deal on your FundsNetwork Pension click here



Open an additional account?

If you already have a FundsNetwork account but would like to open a new account (e.g. you have an ISA and would like to open a non-ISA account) please click here

Your cash management account

For clarity on what you can and cannot use the Cash Management Account (CMA) for please click here

Aegon account holders 


Please note: if you are a new client of Cavendish Online you can only open a FundsNetwork account, you cannot open an Aegon account. If you are a new client of Cavendish Online then please click here.

There has also been some recent changes for Aegon customers to consider. For more details please click here.

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