Online life insurance quotes are becoming increasingly popular among those looking for affordable life cover. As a discount life insurance broker, we want to ensure our customers have all the tools available to them when they apply for life insurance.

Our free-to-use online quote service allows you to compare life insurance quotes from leading providers, helping you find the best prices for cover. Here's how it works...

Enter some basic details

The first part of the process is providing us with some basic details so we can learn more about you. This includes:

This information helps us provide you with an accurate quote and make sure that your application goes through smoothly.

Choose your cover

The next step is to choose:

The type of life insurance cover you want

Are you looking to protect your loved ones with a family life insurance plan? Or are you looking to cover a mortgage? Once you have a goal in mind, you should be able to decide between a level term life insurance policy and a decreasing term life insurance policy.

You are able to use our online platform to look into both level term life insurance and decreasing term life insurance. For whole life cover, please call us on 01392 436 193. 

For more information, please read - what is the best life insurance policy for me?

Who you want to cover

Are you looking to cover yourself or would you like to add someone else to your cover?

How much cover you require

This is the lump sum amount your family will receive upon your death. Your income and any financial commitments you have should be taken into account.

For more information, please read - how much life insurance cover do I need?

How long you want the policy to last

This also depends on what you want to cover. For example, if you want to cover a mortgage, the term of your policy should reflect the length of your mortgage loan. If you have children, some families may want to have the term set long enough for them to be grown up when the policy expires.

Unsure on how much cover you need?

Answer some health and lifestyle questions

Your health and lifestyle are some of the biggest factors when it comes to calculating the cost of your life insurance premiums. We'll ask you a few questions regarding:

  • Whether you've used tobacco or nicotine products in the last 12 months - If you are a smoker, you can expect to pay more for premiums due to long-term health risks of using tobacco. You may be able to reduce your premiums once you have remained smoke-free for at least 12 months.

  • If you have any medical conditions - You'll typically need to pay a higher premium if you have had a significant health condition, as you are deemed a higher risk. 

  • If you work in a high risk occupation -Certain occupations are considered high risk and therefore attract higher premiums.

  • Your height & weight - If you weigh significantly more or less than your recommended BMI, you may need to pay more for cover. This is because of the health risks associated with being overweight or underweight.

Compare your quotes

Once you've filled out our questionnaire, we will show you quotes from leading life insurance providers. This outlines the cost of your monthly premiums and what is covered under the quote.

If you require further advice, you can speak to one of our trained life insurance advisers. They can help you find a policy that matches your circumstances and suits your budget. 

Compare quotes now

Advantages of getting life insurance quotes online

There are a number of advantages to using our online quote service, rather than visiting the local branch office or calling up one of the big insurers directly. These include:

  • You can get a quick quote without having to make any decisions about which policy is best for you – just enter your details into the website and wait for a response.

  • It’s often quicker to get a quote online than it is to speak to someone on the phone.

  • Online quotes are usually cheaper than those from the traditional channels.

  • The information provided by the insurer is more detailed than that available in brochures or leaflets.

  • There are no hidden costs with online quotes.

Apply for an online life insurance quote through Cavendish Online today, to give your family the financial protection they deserve!

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