Once upon a time, buying a life insurance policy was an ordeal that could best be described as ‘a bit of a faff’. However, nowadays it really is easier than ever - you just have to fill in your details and answer the questions, step by step. 

You can make it even easier by being duly prepared at your end. If you’re applying for a joint policy, the same goes for your partner as well. By ‘being prepared’ we mean if you were to have medical conditions, the insurer may understandably want to ask a few more questions. It may seem a little intrusive, but the better insurers can build a more complete picture of your health, the more accurate a premium can be calculated.

From your laptop. From your Tablet. From your phone.

The quote process is optimised to make it easy wherever device you decide to use. If you’re reading this on a phone right now and you need a policy, why not try it yourself right now and get a quote today?

Luckily, buying a policy online has made the whole process much quicker and easier - some people find they can have a policy in as little as 30 mins. So from the time you’ve popped on the kettle til’ your last slurp - you could have the peace of mind found with the wide-ranging cover found in one of our life insurance policies. Now where are the biscuits?

Just remember, you can take your time as well! One of the bonuses of doing it online is that you can take (within reason) as much time as you need - so whether you’re having an admin day, or a lazy day; you can go at a pace that fits your headspace.

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Before You Buy

Before you commit to a life insurance purchase, you’ll need to understand how much life insurance you’ll need, keep in mind how comfortable you’d want your loved ones to be if you were no longer around. Many of our customers want to make sure debts are covered (such as a mortgage), or would like to give financial protection to their loved ones if they were to pass away.

Already Have A Policy?

It’s great if you already have a policy in place, however, are you sure if it still meets your needs? Could you be getting a better deal? If you’re unsure, the team at Cavendish Online may be able to help get you a quote for cheaper life insurance.

Prefer to phone?

For some people, you may still find it easier to give us a call and speak one-to-one with one of our insurance specialists, who’ll be able to guide you through the process and support you in choosing the best cover for you and your family.

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