Taking good care of your health in this day and age has never been more important. 

We all know the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle; to eat sensibly and move more, however having a healthy lifestyle is no reason to skip taking out an all-important life insurance policy to cover the unexpected. If you do already have a life insurance policy in place, it might also be worth checking that your existing policy is still right for you.

It may be no surprise to you that living a healthy lifestyle can bring down the cost of life insurance, but did you know that some life insurance providers actually incentivise cheaper premiums if you take steps to improve (and maintain) your health for the duration of the policy?

There are plenty of options

There’s a wide range of policies to suit all budgets and there’s dozens of providers that specialise in low cost life insurance. As a life insurance broker, Cavendish Online strive to find you the best online life insurance policy that suits your requirements. You might not have realised beforehand just how many different policy options there are.

One of the most important options you have is between ‘term’ life insurance and ‘whole-of-life’ insurance. The first is an insurance policy that lasts for a fixed period of time, typically between 10-30 years and the second is a policy that will cover you for as long as you live.

Premiums can be surprisingly affordable

One of the main concerns that discourages people from seeking life insurance is the cost of the monthly premiums. However, as insurance is all based on risk, the less risk you are to the insurance company, the smaller your premiums will be.

You could also keep your premiums down by reducing the value of your policy. For example, instead of taking out a policy worth £300,000, you could take out a policy worth £200,000. This way you’d still have a good amount of security, whilst paying a lower premium - and insuring for a lower amount still offers much more security than having no policy at all!

At Cavendish Online, we’re a life assurance broker that can find you a policy from a range of providers, with options that fit your budget, whilst providing the benefits you’re looking for.

You could even receive a payout whilst you’re still alive

Some life insurance policies with critical cover offer a host of ‘living benefits’. These are circumstances where you may be entitled to receive a full or partial payout whilst you’re still alive.

The exact details of these benefits depend on the terms and conditions of your policy, with some providers allowing policyholders to cash out their policy if they receive a terminal diagnosis with less than a year to live.

No one wants to receive news like that, however, should the unfortunate happen, receiving a large sum of money could be useful. That money could be put towards putting your affairs in order, paying your medical bills and making the most of the time you have left.

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