How the move to Low-Cost Online Life Insurance has increased under the current crisis.

One day, after this crisis is over, people may ask you “what did you do during the COVID-19 outbreak?”

This entirely subjective question will have a range of different answers, bound by one similar theme for many; time.

Not just time to spend doing the garden or those DIY jobs you’ve been avoiding, but a time to reflect on what’s important to us, and most importantly who is important to us.

Families have had to come together, both literally and figuratively through these tough times and for many of us, it’s actually brought our family relationships closer than ever. A problem shared is a problem halved after all.

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A pause for thought

When it comes down to it, time is the most precious commodity for all of us and with many of us now having more free time than ever before; not having to endure the daily commute and being able to spend more time at home (albeit through a lack of other options) has given many of us time to review our finances and plans for the future.

COVID-19 has been a humbling reminder of how potentially vulnerable we all are, especially as there’s seemingly so much more uncertainty in tomorrow’s world than we could have ever previously imagined.

This uncertainty has made many people take a newfound interest (and appreciation) to the importance of low cost life insurance and the value it brings, especially in the time of a crisis. Having each other is more important now than ever, but you can’t help but spare a thought about what it might be like if you or a partner weren’t around.

COVID-19 has certainly changed the way people think about insurance and for us at Cavendish, has opened up some wider conversations about how we can make sure we’re offering the very best products on the market to fulfil the new requirements of our customers; with the agility to deliver some of the most innovative web journeys to also help with the increase in demand by our existing customers for a higher level of cover.

We listen

Listening and acting upon feedback and suggestions from our customers is incredibly important to us at Cavendish, that’s why we strive to find you the very best insurance products for you, tailored to your individual requirements. After all, our philosophy is to always put the customer first.

To draw some positives about the current situation (bear with us) thank goodness that we have the marvel of the internet at our fingertips, which means we can still maintain some semblance of a working day, social contact by video and also the ability to service your life insurance policy online; in fact, it’s never been easier to find the right insurance option for you.

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