‘Pre-existing health conditions’ is an incredibly broad term. Some conditions barely have an effect on your day-to-day life, some are more serious. The good news is that you can usually still take out a life insurance policy for the majority of pre-existing conditions.

If your pre-existing medical condition is assessed as being more mild and well controlled, you might even find that it does not have a big impact on your application for cover. However, it is worth noting that the more severe your medical condition is, the more likely it is to have an impact on your application for cover and quite possibly your monthly premium. 

Different online life insurance companies each have their own guidelines for what can be underwritten. Some may be more lenient than others, so shopping around is the best way you can be sure that you’re getting a good deal.

If your children, partner or other family members depend on your income to cover their living expenses and the home they live in, you should definitely consider life insurance to help provide for your loved ones in the event of your death. It can be especially important to have insurance in place if you have a health condition.

In essence, a ‘pre-existing condition’ is simply a way of describing an injury, illness or disease that you’ve had either historically or you’re living with now. All life insurers have lists of what they consider to be a pre-existing condition. Once the insurer has logged your condition, they can understand your level of risk and whether to offer you a policy and if so, attach a premium accordingly.

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When you submit a  life insurance application, you’ll have to answer a range of questions about your lifestyle, general health and  wellbeing.

If you disclose to the insurer that you have a pre-existing medical condition, they may ask some supplementary questions, like the following:

  • If there’s any family history of the condition

  • How long have you’ve had the condition

  • If you’ve recently been admitted to hospital

  • Whether you’re taking any medication

One important takeaway is to always answer any questions as accurately, openly and honestly as possible, as not doing so could invalidate your ability to claim on the policy.

Exclusions on policies

If you’re finding it difficult to get life insurance with a pre-exsiting medical condition, having a policy that excludes your pre-existing medical condition from the policy can be a useful option - only paying out if your death is completely unrelated.

Generally speaking, there’s usually no better time than now to arrange life insurance cover and it’s important to understand the range of options and products available to you, whatever stage of life you’re at. 

There’s a variety of options and policy types available to suit your needs and thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier to arrange and compare life insurance policies online. Over the years, life insurance brokers and providers have streamlined their application processes, so nowadays, it can take as little as 20 minutes to set up a policy online.

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Choosing A Policy

You can apply for a separate ‘single’ life insurance policy as an individual, or as a joint policy with your partner or spouse.

The 2 main types of life insurance are 'term' life insurance and 'whole-of-life' insurance.

‘Term’ life insurance policies run for a fixed period of time (known as the ‘term’ of your policy) eg. 10, 15 or 25 years - but only pay out if you were to die during the term of the policy. There’s no lump sum payable at the end of the term.

‘Whole-of-life’ insurance policies pay out regardless of when you die, as long as you keep up with your premium payments. This type of cover is typically of interest if you are determined to leave some form of inheritance to your family, or if you want to help with your funeral costs.

Naturally, these policies are typically more expensive than term insurance policies since as long as you keep paying your premiums, the insurer will always have to pay out, whereas you may outlive a term insurance policy.

BUYER’S TIP: Whole-of-life insurance is also known as life assurance by many insurers.

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