Since launching Cavendish Online in 2000 from a small office in Bath, we’ve grown to a team of over 50 passionate and knowledgeable individuals based in both Exeter and Fareham.

Meet some of the team below…

Our team

  • Ian Williams
    Managing Director
    Ian Williams
  • John Nelmes
    Marketing Director
    John Nelmes
  • Samantha Richards
    Data Manager
    Samantha Richards
  • Anthony Stephens
    Head of Propositions
    Anthony Stephens
  • Luke Barber
    Business Development Manager
  • Allan May
    Advised Department Manager
    Allan May
  • Ollie Popham
    Sales Manager
    Ollie Popham
  • Mike Green
    Investment Service Manager
    Mike Green
  • Victoria Smith
    Data & Propositions
    Victoria Smith
  • Chris Wellings
    Insurance Adviser - Team Leader
    Chris Wellings
  • Nikita Davis
    Insurance Adviser
    Nikita Davis
  • Chris West
    Insurance Adviser
    Chris West
  • Dave Treanor
    Assistant Sales Manager
    Dave Treanor
  • Paul Jackson
    Client Services
    Paul Jackson
  • Jasmine Davies
    Adviser Support
    Jasmine Davies
  • David Vickery
    Insurance Adviser
    David Vickery
  • Donna Fricker
    Client Services
    Donna Fricker
  • Glen Carnall
    Insurance Adviser - Team Leader
    Glen Carnall
  • Meriel Leaver
    Client Services
    Meriel Leaver
  • Simon Williams
    Business Performance Team Leader
    Simon Williams
  • Melody Woods
    Sales Support Executive
    Melody Woods
  • Scott Maitland
    Senior Protection Consultant
    Scott Maitland
  • Steve Warne
    Senior Protection Consultant
    Steve Warne
  • Cara Howells
    Protection Consultant
    Cara Howells
  • Josh Barr
    Protection Consultant
    Josh Barr
  • Becky Bird
    Insurance Advice Team Administrator
    Becky Bird
  • Laurence Grantham
    Insurance Adviser
    Laurence Grantham
  • Steve Mann
    Senior Protection Consultant
    Steve Mann
  • Mae Simarro
    Case Administrator
    Mae Simarro
  • Hannah Cleal
    Business Performance Executive
    Hannah Cleal
  • Steve Workman
    Data Developer
    Steve Workman
  • Ashley Gower
    Protection Consultant
    Ashley Gower
  • Bracken & Bella
    Security & Motivation
    Bracken & Bella
  • Dan Carlo
    Insurance Adviser
    Dan Carlo
  • Chris Biggs
    Insurance Adviser
    Chris Biggs
  • Damien Penfold
    Protection Consultant
    Damien Penfold
  • Sam Dickinson
    Insurance Adviser
    Sam Dickinson
  • Ben Kent
    Insurance Advisor
    Ben Kent
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