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  • We aim to offer the lowest platform charge
  • Over 3,500 funds, investment trusts and ETF's available
  • Transfer your existing Pension to us and pay less

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Our platform charge consists of the 0.20% FundsNetwork service fee and the 0.05% Cavendish Online ongoing fee. In addition you will pay a Fund Manager charge which will vary according to the fund/funds you wish to buy. 

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Why choose Cavendish Online?

  1. Quality

    Products from leading financial service providers
  2. Value

    Best value possible with minimal charge amounts
  3. Transparency

    Our fees and commission are upfront and clear

What the experts say

  • Cavendish Online has been my top life insurance pick for years, and has consistently offered good prices during this time. It pioneered giving up all its commission in return for a one-off fee for online applications and can make it over 50% cheaper than most full-commission brokers.
    Martin Lewis
    Money Saving Expert
  • The most sensible option for buying term assurance. The best deals are usually via discount brokers who waive all commission and simply charge a one-off fee.
    Justin Modray
    Candid Financial Advisor
    Candid Money
  • Set up term life insurance if you have a family to support: buy it through a discount broker, such as Cavendish Online, rather than a traditional broker. The savings are immense.
    Andrew Oxlade
    Executive Head of Personal Finance

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