How and where to buy a pension

There are several routes to paying money into a pension, affecting the cost and service you receive:



Discount Broker

Financial Adviser

Buying your pension direct from an insurer/provider seldom makes sense. You won't get advice and are unlikely to enjoy discounted charges.

If you don't need advice then using a discount broker makes a lot of sense. They'll rebate sales commissions to reduce charges, which should leave you much better off.

Not the cheapest route, but potentially worthwhile if you need advice. Always use an independent adviser and avoid excessive upfront charges or commissions.

Using Cavendish Online

If you want to use Cavendish Online to start a pension then please click on the relevant product below to see the various options available:

Main Pension
The Cavendish Online FundSupermarket Pension

Stakeholder Pension:

Personal Pensions:

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