Pension Transfers and Repensioning

In order to obtain the lowest possible Annual Management Charge (AMC) for your existing pension fund, you will need to set up a new pension through Cavendish Online and transfer your existing pension fund into it. We call this process 'repensioning.' The AMC on your existing pension is fixed and cannot be reduced. A new plan must be opened to obtain our AMC discount and you will then be able to transfer your existing pension into your new pension. Cavendish Online charges a one-off fee of £70.00 to cover both transactions (this charge does not apply to the FundSupermarket Pension as this transfer will be carried out free of charge).

How to apply?

  • Choose which pension you wish to apply for.
  • Your new pension company will then move the money from your old pension/s.
  • You will then benefit from lower annual management charges.

Please visit the relevant product page below for more details and to obtain the correct forms to apply.

Stakeholder Pensions:


Personal Pensions:



Unavailable Pension Transfers

Following guidelines from the FCA and due to the complications and risk involved in transfers from certain occupational schemes, Cavendish Online does not offer transfers from defined benefit / final salary schemes.

These include the following:

Non UK registered schemes,
Armed Forces Pension Scheme,
Main Police scheme,
Local Government Pension Scheme,
Main Civil Service Scheme,
Teachers Scheme,
Main Fire-fighters scheme,
NHS Pension Scheme and
Universities Superannuation Scheme.