Expert Advice on Life Assurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection

It is important if you are unsure of any aspect of your Life Insurance that you get advice to determine the most suitable cover at the most competitive price.

If you think that you need advice to decide which type of insurance is right for you then call 03456 44 25 40 to speak to an adviser.

Cavendish Online is working in partnership with Vita, a whole of market Insurance broker.

We will receive a commission from the Insurance providers if you take out a policy. We have reduced this commission amount so that our customers will receive a considerably lower premium and you will NOT have to pay us any fee.

Need help?

Think about:

  • What type of cover do I need?
  • How much cover do I need?
  • How long do I need Cover for?
  • Any other questions?

You may just have a simple question or perhaps you don’t know what cover you need and require advice. We will help by providing expert advice; tailored to your individual circumstances to ensure you get the answers you need and receive the most appropriate cover at the most competitive cost. Whatever your question, please ask. We can help.

Do you have any medical conditions?

Do you have:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) - overweight or underweight
  • Anxiety, Stress or Depression
  • High Blood Pressure, Raised Cholesterol or Diabetes
  • Any other Medical Condition

Each insurance provider has their own criteria and pricing structure when it comes to your health. When you see an initial quote online, this price won’t account for any medical conditions and therefore you will not know which insurer is likely to offer the most competitive cover at the lowest cost.

Do you have a high-risk occupation or hobby?

Are you:

  • Armed Forces personnel
  • Working at heights or with water (e.g. fishing or diving)
  • Offshore oil and gas involvement
  • Hazardous pursuits (e.g. climbing or extreme sports)

Depending on your job or leisure activities, it may be that you are a higher risk to insurers. As a result each insurer may charge you more. We have expert knowledge of each insurance provider’s criteria and pricing structure and is therefore able to recommend the most appropriate insurer.

Are you considering critical illness cover?

Think about:

  • Which conditions are I covered against?
  • How many illnesses am I covered for?
  • What exclusions are there?
  • The insurer’s Claim Statistics?

Each insurer offers a different level of cover to the next. All will cover you against 23 illnesses, including heart attack, stroke and certain cancers. However, each insurer will provide cover for additional conditions (anything from 3 conditions, others cover you for over 160). We will provide a fair and accurate representation of each insurer’s critical illness policies – based on two factors; cost and level of cover.  This will provide you with important (often unknown) information that enables you to make an informed decision as to the cover that provides you with the most protection, in-line with your budget.

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