A Relevant Life plan is a stand-alone, single life death-in-service-plan, set up and paid for by an employer.

What is a Relevant Life plan? 

As mentioned above, a Relevant Life plan is a type of life insurance policy available to employers to provide an individual death-in-service benefit for their employees while they are employed by their company.

These policies are taken out and paid for by the employer, for the benefit of the employee and their family, and must be placed into trust from the outset. 

Who might consider a Relevant Life plan?

  • Small businesses and medium sized businesses (SMEs) looking to provide tax-efficient life cover for directors and employees.

  • Small businesses who don't have enough eligible employees for a group life scheme but want to offer a form of death-in-service benefit to attract and retain the best people.

  • People with high earnings and big pension funds who don't want their death-in-service benefits to form part of their lifetime allowance.

  • People in a group-death-in-service scheme who don't want their cover linked to salary at death but need a fixed sum.

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Relevant Life isn't avaliable through the Cavendish Online website, as not everyone is eligible to apply for it and it's important to understand whether it's appropriate for your needs. 

Our team of professional, friendly and knowledgable advisers are on hand to help with any questions you may have about Relevant Life. They can also provide quotations for this cover and ensure it is set up correctly, supporting you every step of the way. 

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