How to Apply?

To proceed please confirm that you have read the following and then choose what type of transaction you wish to make below.

 I confirm that I have read the Doing Business With FundsNetwork, Client Terms and Generic Illustration (please save or print a copy of these) documents. I also confirm that I have not sought or received any advice from Cavendish Online in relation to the above pension. I accept that in addition to the fund charges on the new unbundled share class, a 0.20% platform fee will be paid to FundsNetwork and a 0.05% charge will be paid to Cavendish Online as stated in our Terms & Conditions. I also acknowledge that Cavendish Online will not review any investment purchased via the company.

Please choose either of the following options;

(We are aware that clients may have trouble applying if using Internet Explorer version 11. Please use any other internet browser in order to proceed)

We have been made aware of a possible issue if you are making a bank transfer payment. Because of extra security measures recently implemented by the banking authorities, if you receive a warning that your bank can't find an account associated with FundsNetwork's bank account please do not be concerned. FundsNetwork’s bank account has not changed and remains as sort code 20-93-32, account number 33039005. The issue is with the Account Name, 'FASL FNW Pension'. You should either proceed to make your bank transfer payment or if concerned please change the account name to 'FIL SIPP TRUSTEE'. We hope that this makes sense but please don't hesitate to contact us if you require clarification.

1. Lump sum/regular contributions to the FundSupermarket Pension:


And / Or

2. Transfer existing pensions to the FundSupermarket Pension:


Please be aware - if you request to transfer a pension you will be prompted to print and sign the final page of the application and to post that back to FundsNetwork. Please don't forget to do so as the transfer may be delayed without this.

If you have a Fidelity SIPP that you would like to be linked to Cavendish Online, please click here and then follow Option 1. There is no minimum transfer amount for this option.

Please note - the minimum contribution amounts are as follows;

  • Lump sum contribution = £1,000 gross
  • Monthly regular contribution = £50 gross per month
  • Pension transfer (as cash) = £10,000 
  • Pension transfer (fund re-registration) = £50,000