How to Apply?

To proceed please tick the box below and choose what type of transaction you wish to make below.

 I confirm that I have read the Key Features Document, Client Terms and Generic Illustration (please save or print a copy of these documents). I also confirm that I have not sought or received any advice from Cavendish Online in relation to the above pension. I accept that in addition to the fund charges on the new unbundled share class, a 0.20% platform fee will be paid to FundsNetwork and a 0.05% charge will be paid to Cavendish Online as stated in our Terms & Conditions. I also acknowledge that Cavendish Online will not review any investment purchased via the company.

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1. Lump sum/regular contributions to the FundSupermarket Pension:


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2. Transfer existing pensions to the FundSupermarket Pension:


Please note that the minimum contribution amounts are as follows;

Lump sum = £1,000 gross
Monthly regular contribution = £50 gross per month
Pension transfer (as cash) = £10,000 
Pension transfer (fund re-registration) = £50,000