There are currently 3 different pensions available to clients of Cavendish Online...

The Cavendish Online FundSupermarket Pension

Launched in 2016, this is our main Pension product.
Cavendish Online have created a pension powered by FundsNetwork. We are able to offer one of the lowest cost pensions in the market with an annual fee of just 0.25%. This pension offers a wide investment choice, with over 3,000 funds. There is a minimum contribution of either £50 gross (£40 net) a month or a £1,000 gross (£800 net) lump sum.

Stakeholder Pension (through Aviva)

Straightforward and cost effective, stakeholder pensions are often popular with customers who are looking to contribute lower amounts per month due to the minimum contribution of just £20 per month. Charges start at 0.55% but can decrease depending on the size of your pension pot. More details can be found on the Aviva Stakeholder page by clicking on the link below. You will have online access to your pension policy and be able to switch funds, increase or decrease regular payments and print off reports and valuations.

Personal Pension (through Aviva)

Traditional 'personal' pensions usually offer more investment choice than stakeholder pensions, but at a higher cost. Charges start at 0.70% but again they will be lower once you have a certain amount in your pension pot. There is also a higher minimum contribution of £200 a month. More details on the charges, available funds and minimum contribution levels can be found by clicking on the link below.



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