Set up a Junior ISA

The Junior Stocks & Shares ISA wrapper is tax efficient for the donor and the child. The major advantage over other children’s savings plans is that investments made by a parent are tax-efficient. This makes it very straight forward for parents, grandparents, relatives and family friends to contribute direct to the Junior Stocks & Shares ISA.

Important points:

  • Only children resident in the UK under the age of 18 are eligible
  • Only children who do not have a Child Trust Fund (CTF) are eligible
  • If you already hold a Junior ISA then you will not be able to open a second plan through Cavendish Online for the same child
  • Minimum monthly payment of £50 OR minimum one-off payment of £1,000
  • Maximum 2020/21 tax-year contribution limit is £9,000.

How to apply?

1) Use the link below to access Fidelity FundsNetwork using the Cavendish Online agency to lower your charges.

2) Decide how much money you would like to add to your account (one-off amount or set up a monthly payment)

3) Decide which funds you would like to invest in (How do I choose my funds?)

To apply you will need the following:

  • Your debit card
  • Your National Insurance Number

You will need to tick below to apply: