The Cavendish Online FundSupermarket Pension

Cavendish Online have created a pension powered by FundsNetwork. We are able to offer one of the lowest cost pensions in the market with an annual fee of just 0.25%.

You have access to over 3,300 funds on the FundSupermarket and only pay the fund charge and the annual fee of 0.25% (made up of a 0.20% platform fee to FundsNetwork and a 0.05% ongoing fee to Cavendish Online).

This reduces to an annual fee of 0.20% if the total value of all of your FundSupermarket accounts (Pension, ISA etc) exceed £200,000.

On typical funds the charges will be broken down as:
Fund Charge 0.75%, FundsNetwork fee 0.20%, Cavendish Online fee 0.05% = Total Charge of 1.00% per year

On typical tracker funds the charges will be broken down as:
Fund Charge 0.10%, FundsNetwork fee 0.20%, Cavendish Online fee 0.05% = Total Charge of 0.35% per year


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