Why use Cavendish Online?

Cavendish Online charges a one-off fee of £35.00 for setting up your Stakeholder or Personal Pension.

Once set up, the only charge applied to your Pension scheme is the Annual Management Charge (AMC).

Annual Management Charges

Aviva - Personal Pension

(Not Tiered*)

Pension Fund Using Cavendish Direct to Aviva
£0 - £19,999


Not available direct.

Only available through Financial Advisers 
or other brokers where a fee 
would be added to the pension.


£20,000 to £49,999


Over £50,000



Some funds may have an additional fund charge. Please see the fund guide below for full details.
* Not Tiered means the same Annual Management Charge will be applied to the whole fund once the threshold is reached.



Why Aviva?

For more details on the Aviva Personal Pension please visit their website. You will need to return to Cavendish Online to apply and benefit from the discounts.


Please also read the Aviva Personal Pension Key Features below:

Key Features




Fund options

You'll need to choose a fund or funds that reflect your attitude to risk and return.

With an Aviva Personal Pension, you can choose from over 240 funds (see Fund Guide below). You can select up to 10 funds and must indicate what percentage of the investment is to go into each fund (in whole percentages).

If you do not choose, your funds will automatically be invested in the With-Profit Fund.


Fund Guide

How to apply

To apply please post all the following to 'FREEPOST Cavendish Online':

 1. Application Form

2. Client Declaration

3. A cheque for your contribution and or direct debit mandate form(s), made payable to the pension company.

4. Money Laundering Verification Documents*

5. Our £35 fee (cheque to Cavendish Online or pay online). £40 if you would like your ID documents returned via registered post.

Please note: If you apply for 3 or more Aviva pensions at the same time (i.e. if we recieve them in the same envelope) we will cap our fee at £100 for these applications.

New pension & transfer

If you are also transferring an existing pension please send the following in addition to the items above:

 1. Application Form

2. A Transfer Valuation and / or Discharge Forms**

3. Our Transfer Fee***

* Money Laundering Identification (MLI)

To apply for certain products through Cavendish Online we will require money laundering identification. We will need to see original or certified (#) documents to prove your identity and your address. If you are applying jointly for a product we will need to see identification documents for each of you.

Either your passport or a UK driving licence would be suitable as proof of your identity. 

With regards to your address, we suggest a recent bank statement or utility bill (within the last three months, and unfortunately not a mobile phone bill) These documents must have been posted to your home address, we cannot accept them if they have been printed from the internet. If you do not have a bank statement or utility bill then we can accept your passport to verify your identity and your UK driving licence to verify your address.

Company MLI: If your employer is paying into your pension then we will also require a letter from
the company on headed paper stating that they are paying into your plan and listing the main signatories/directors. We also require proof of the company address, i.e. an original or certified copy of a utility bill or bank statement dated within the last 3 months.

Pension for a minor: If you are setting up a pension for someone under 18 years old then please send money laundering information for them. We require the original or certified copy# of either their birth certificate OR passport. We will also require full MLI for the person paying the premiums.

#A certified copy is where a person of authority (solicitor, teacher, director, post office clerk etc) signs a copy of the original document stating that it is a true copy of the original document. They will need to sign and date the document and add their name and position. The person certifying the document must not be related to you or in a relationship with you or living at the same address as you.

**Discharge Forms

Speak to your existing pension provider and let them know you are transferring the pension. They can then post these forms out to you. You may also want a comparative current valuation to check if you will lose any additional benefits by moving the money. The discharge forms can be obtained mid-transfer or can be requested by your new pension provider if you cannot access these forms although sending them in initially will speed up the process.

***Transfer Fees

£70 = New Pension Application + Single Transfer                                   

£75 = New Pension Application + Single Transfer + Recorded Delivery

£100 = New Pension Application + 2 or more Transfers (Inc RD) (Fees capped at £100)


Min/max contributions

  • Minimum regular monthly contribution of £200 required or minimum transfer / lump sum of £10,000.

  • Monthly payments by direct debit can be altered once the plan begins by contacting the provider.

  • The maximum amount you can pay into your registered pension schemes in any tax year is 100% of your UK taxable earnings. (Maximum for a non-earner is £2880 net (£3600 gross)).







Age limits/restrictions

  • To apply for an Aviva Personal Pension you must be a UK resident, Crown servant or the spouse or registered civil partner of a Crown servant.
  • The minimum term is five years for a pension receiving regular monthly contributions, so the upper age limit for application is 69 years. However pensions can be opened with a single lump sum contribution or a transfer from another pension, up until one year from age 75.
  • All payments into the plan must cease by age 75. Benefits must be taken by age 75.
  • The pension is suitable for the employed, self employed, unemployed, pensioners and minors.

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